18 maart 2011

35 - Beautiful Distraction

You will always be my beautiful distraction
One part sweetness two parts passion
Everyday you make me feel brand new
You asked for my heart not perfection
The first one to lead me in the right direction
This crazy world won’t change the same old me
Who loves the same old you

You found me
Singing songs about the rain
I found you; I couldn't find words to explain 
How you were the day I was the dark of night
How the world spun around us like a satellite
How you met me in the middle and I held on tight
You brought me back when I’d forgotten how to fall
To fall in love
Showed me I could have it all
And not give up a single thing I am
When I said I couldn’t you said
Yes we can
It took me all this time now I understand, I do
Here I am talking about forever
Never thought I’d say it, never ever
Hold me once, hold me twice, hold me for the rest of my life
wat vindt jij van de super romantische songtekst? 
en is het een leuk lied?  
love inge.

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